What Hotel Amenities Are a Must-Have for Your Puerto Rico Vacation?

It is a fact that not all hotels in Puerto Rico are created equal and at this point you have to clearly know what amenities are a must have for your vacation. There are all sorts of amenities included in hotel accommodation packages but while some of them are a must, many can be as well useless and you won’t necessarily miss them if they are not offered with the hotel you book the room at.

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Let’ stake a look at the amenities that are more useful than others, although this can depend as well of your own preferences and what exactly you expect getting from hotel services:

Coffee makers – more often than not guests in a hotel will want to have this amenity at their hand and they will search for the possibility of having their coffee served in the room. While you can call the room service to bring the coffee of your liking, you may as well book a room with a low budget hotel and ask at the hotel desk to provide with this machine if the room doesn’t have one.

It is interesting to note that many hotels have taken these machines out of their rooms but you can always ask for one once you check in. When there is no coffee maker available you may find coffee carts available in the hotel lobby, if this is fine by you!

Foods – are other amenities that with some hotels come in the form of ‘breakfast included’. If you have found a hotel providing this service make sure that you find out what this one includes especially if you travel with kids. Other hotels may not have the breakfast included in the costs simply because they do not have kitchen service, and at this point you will have to figure out a way to serve your meals, which usually comes in the form of eating at the nearest buffet.

When visiting Puerto Rico and want to have immediate access to the tourist attractions and things to do in Puerto Rico you should ask beforehand the hotel whether or not they provide shuttle service for getting you to these attractions. Also ask about the costs if these ones are not stipulated in the hotel service package. These amenities are very important especially if you travel with kids and need immediate means of transportation.

Work while traveling – are you one of those travelers who still needs to get in touch with their working environment by checking their emails daily? Well, in this case internet access offered as hotel amenities is another thing to inquire about. While many of these hotels provide internet access, you have to know under which payment perms they offer this service. Some are paid by day while other are paid per use.

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